Bloomex at the FIH Pro Leagues

Bloomex is proud to be Hockey Australia‘s official florist, supplying bouquets for Awards Night as well as flowers, teddies, and prizes to boost fan engagement and fun during Pro League .

The FIH Pro League launched in January 2019, with Australia participating in the new annual home and away league against the world’s leading hockey nations. This means the world’s best hockey is on home soil!


On February 2nd in Melbourne the Hockeyroos took the win from Netherlands at a 1-0 score. On February 16th in Perth the Kookaburras won 2-0 against Great Britain.

Bloomex was honoured to provide beautiful bouquets to help celebrate Hockey Australia’s Awards Night in Perth.


For Pro League, Bloomex continues to provide Teddy Bears for all the  Bloomex Teddy Toss events. The kids all get together on the field and try to catch the Teddy in the bin. The winner of the game gets to keep out cuddly Teddy Bear!


Another fun game at Pro League is the Bloomex Pass the Bouquet event! Bloomex supplies fresh  “Designer Collection Bouquets as the prizes. People in the stands keep tossing the bouquet until the music stops. Whoever is left holding the bouquet wins it.


Make sure you buy your tickets to see the Hockeyroos and Kookaburras on March 2nd in Sydney Olympic Park against USA and Spain. You could be featured on the Bloomex Cuddle Cam or Bloomex Oblivious Cam. Bloomex supplies $50 gift certificates for these lucky winners. Enjoy the amazing hockey, join the fun, and win!




Bloomex Valentine’s Day Giveaway Winners!

Valentine’s Day is a busy time for Bloomex! To add to the fun, Bloomex hosted several giveaways for our customers, friends and followers, with chances to win beautiful flowers and gift hampers. Here are the photos they shared with us!

valentine givaway banner_2

Dave Murphy won our Power of Flowers: Who do you love contest!


“Thanks again Bloomex! My wife loved the flowers and my four year old girl has claimed the teddy bear. I claimed the truffles lol…”

Sophie Hisko won one of the giveaways, receiving flowers, chocolates and a teddy bear!


“Kasey says thanks for helping cheer mom up with her prize after dental surgery!”

Jo-Ann Samo won our New Year New You Contest!

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 11.44.16 AM

“Thanks for a FABULOUS Gift Baskets. There are so many quality products for the #GOURMET #LOVER. If you’re invited to supper or even for Easter celebrations, this is a fun alternative or addition to FAB #flowers from Bloomex. It’s so much fun to open! Thanks!”

Kristine Willoughby, Lillian Brown and Kerry McGugan are some of our other giveaway winners who were kind enough to send us a photo!


Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for your chance to win! Check out these awesome pictures from our followers!


Post a photo and be sure to tag us!

The Best Bloomex Fall Flowers

The nights are getting cooler and the leaves are starting to change colour which means Fall is right around the corner! At Bloomex this means we start thinking about beautiful fall flowers to help welcome the change of season.

A go-to Autumn colour is Orange. You can add this colour with so many types of flowers adding an autumn tone to any bouquet!

Hot Pink and Purple tones are always a nice refresher to see in autumn themed bouquets. Just adding a bit of sharper colour will really pull your piece together.

Though we are using warmer colours a splash of bright Yellow will go a long way tin your autumn arrangement.

Red tones will pull together your arrangement, making it the talk of the dinner party! These fiery tones will accent nicely with any flower choice.

Bloomex has a collection of bouquets made of rich fall colours that will look perfect in any home or on any dinner table. Think bright yellows, deep oranges and pinks, red and purple coloured blooms!

Looking to add a little more to your bouquet? Why not replace the vase with a pumpkin! Adding a few pieces from nature can really make your arrangement POP!

Happy Fall!

Bloomex and Starlight Thank YOU!

Bloomex is a proud supporter of Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia. Starlight brightens the lives of seriously ill children and young people by replacing pain, fear and stress with fun, joy and laughter. In 2018, Starlight granted 531 life-changing wishes and delivered more than 575,000 Starlight experiences. Bloomex is proud to help sick kids simply be kids.


In 2018, Bloomex was proud to give customers the opportunity to donate to Starlight at the point of check out, in addition to making a business donation.


We are proud to say that as a result and thanks to you, our generous customers, we were able to provide 124 sick kids access to Starlight’s In-Hospital programs for a whole year!


A huge thank you to everyone for their kind support for these kids and families.


We look forward to continuing our support in 2019!

xoxo, Bloomex – Bloomex Card Messages Campaign

Being Australia’s Official Florist means we are constantly coming across the best (and worst) card messages! Customers always have the option to add a full sized greeting card to showcase what they want to say. Whether for a Birthday or New Baby, an Anniversary or Engagement, creativity is an important part of any successful message.

After processing over hundreds of thousands of orders, our team has come across some of the best. We decided to share some of the most memorable card messages, whether they are funny or sweet. We hope they uplift you or make you laugh!

P.S. Don’t worry, all messages are an inspired version, not the exact replication! We will never include any names or identifiable information while we share these fun messages.


Stay tuned to our social media platforms for our top picks! And if you have a good card message, please join in and share.

xoxo bloomex_red

Bloomex Flower of the Month

Daffodils are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring and are often associated with springtime and rebirth. These trumpet-shaped flowers come in a variety of sizes and colors. Traditional daffodils are sunny yellow, but some varieties are white or pastel yellow and some are even pink or green.

Though their botanic name is narcissus, daffodils are sometimes called jonquils, and because of their long association with Lent, they’re known as the “Lent Lily.” Connecting the daffodil to not only a sign of winter’s end but a lucky symbol of future good fortune is found throughout the world.


In Wales, it’s said if you spot the first daffodil of the season, your next 12 months will be filled with wealth, and Chinese legend has it that if a daffodil bulb is forced to bloom during the New Year, it will bring good luck to your home. In France, the daffodil is a sign of hope, while the Arabians believe the daffodil flower was an aphrodisiac and cure for baldness.

In Canada and the US, the daffodil is the official symbol for the Cancer Associations, symbolizing hope for a cure. In Australia, it is also the symbol of the 10th wedding anniversary, and a gift of daffodils is said to ensure happiness. But always remember to present daffodils in a bunch – the same legends that associate this cheerful flower with good fortune warn us that when given as a single bloom, a daffodil can foretell misfortune.

Join Bloomex as we welcome fall into the year! Check out these amazing fall bouquets which are sure to brighten anyone’s home. Click here for a full selection.



Bloomex March Giveaways

Hey Australia! Let’s cool off from a scorcher of a summer by winning some amazing Bloomex giveaway prizes!


International Women’s Day is recognised on March 8th and Bloomex wants to give away a beautiful bouquet to one lucky winner! Be sure to tag those women in your life who inspire you and empower gender equality and for a bonus entry send us a picture of those special women! You can read more on Women’s Day here. For a full list of Contest Rules, see below.

Would you like to know what our Bloomex Bear is up to this month? Check out our trivia contest and see if you can answer his skill testing question! Let’s see if you have the “luck of the Irish”! For a full list of Contest Rules, see below.

Everyone has them, and we want to hear about yours! In honour of National Awkward Moment Day we are doing an awkward giveaway! Tell us all about those awkward moments for your chance to win! For a full list of Contest Rules, see below.

Fall is in the air! It is almost here and Bloomex knows exactly how to celebrate… a FALL GIVEAWAY! When we think fall we think Flowers, so send us a photo including flowers for your chance to win a stunning fall bouquet! For a full list of Contest Rules, see below.


Contest Rules

  • Enter on Facebook, and/or Instagram and/or Twitter, and/or
  • You must complete all instructions in order to qualify
  • Winner selected by a panel of Bloomex employees
  • A Bloomex employee will provide details on how the winner will collect the prize
  • Winners must provide contact and delivery info to receive their prize
  • Resident of Australia
  • Must be 19 or older
  • Delivery to any valid Australian address within Bloomex delivery territory
  • Refer to post for entry deadlines