Best Mother’s Day Flowers and Gifts 2017

Mums everywhere, young and old, deserve some special recognition each year. These are the ladies who are there for you through thick and thin, who boost your spirits, teach you right from wrong, worry for your health, laugh at all your jokes.

We adore our Mums. and as Mother’s Day rolls around, at Bloomex we have designed some amazing deals and specials to treat your mother right this year.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the best Mother’s Day flowers and gifts this year! Many more at Bloomex Australia so be sure to check them all.

Pink Roses Collection

Pink Roses Special III

What Mum wouldn’t adore fresh and beautiful long stemmed pink roses? We’ve searched for the best deals on pink roses, and combined them with many added touches and gifts such as gourmet chocolates, cuddly teddy bears, and gift cards — then put them together at half our usual prices! You can’t go wrong with these. Check them all and choose the package and price that suit you best.

Mother’s Day Gift Hampers

Premium Wine Hamper

Treat Mum to a gourmet hamper! Choose from a variety of professionally packaged gift hampers featuring chocolates, truffles, cookies & nuts, wine and more. Tea, fruit, sweets, we have all kinds of ways to treat Mum this year, for some of the lowest prices in town

Sweet Memories Hamper
European Sampler Basket

Mother’s Day Designer Collection

Designer Collection II

Specially priced Mother’s Day Designer Collection bouquets allow our professional, on-staff Floral Designers to work their magic and flaunt their creativity. Beautiful bouquets feature fresh cut flowers selected and creatively arranged by our Designers, in colours and themes to please any Mum.

Orchid Specials

100 Blooms of Orchids II

When Roses or a Mixed Bouquet won’t quite do, or if the Mum in your life loves the exotic and the unique, go a cut above with these exquisite Orchid Specials! These breath-taking beauties won’t last – so order now! We’ve also combined beautiful fresh orchids with various added gifts for extra special savings.

There are many more gifts and flowers available so be sure to check out all the options!

Whatever you choose, we wish you and your Mum a very happy Mother’s Day.



Australian Bobsleigh Collection

team-with-sledWe all love Australia! It’s an amazing place to live and it’s always a thrill to see our home represented on the world stage.  Our athletes work and train hard to represent us to the very best of their ability. They all deserve our support.

Australia is a key contender in many summer Olympic sports…but did you know we also compete in winter sliding sports? It’s true! And it’s not easy! One of our teams that is in more desperate need of funding and support is our Australian bobsleigh team. (Yes, Australia has a bobsleigh team!)

bobteammata-sledThese boys are collectively known as BobTeamMata. Due of course to weather conditions they live and train much of their year far from home and family, in Calgary, Canada.

bobteammataThey train hard and are doing their best to compete in this very demanding sport. They have travel and living expenses, training expenses, sled expenses….it really adds up.  Their dream is to qualify for and compete in the winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Check out a training video here.



Bloomex Australia decided to give them a boost, but we need YOUR help! Choose from a selection of amazing flowers and gift hampers and 20% of product purchase will go back to BobTeamMata.



Check out the Australian Bobsleigh Collection today — perfect for holiday gift giving this year — and know that you are giving our boys your support this holiday as they chase their dreams.





Be sure to also read more about the team and follow the BobTeamMata progress!

Best of luck to all our teams!








Popular Flowers and their Meanings

Flowers remain one of the most popular ways to express our emotions. They are often better than words at conveying sentiments, especially in times of sympathy. They add meaning to all occasions, letting you express feelings like cheer, comfort, laughter, love and congratulations.

Flower meanings have been recorded as far back as Egypt, in Turkish and Chinese writings, and in Greek and Roman mythology. Meanings became especially popular during the Victorian era, when displays of emotion that might be considered forbidden could be conveyed through certain flowers.

Some of our most popular blooms have enduring meanings. Some are obvious to most of us, such as a red rose signifying passionate love and romance. Other meanings are less known, and we should also bear in mind that flowers and even the number of blooms may have different meanings in different cultures. For example, it’s best to send an odd number of flowers in Russia, since even numbers are used primarily for funerals and can signify misfortune or loss. In Central or South America, yellow can signify funerals, while white signifies loss in Muslim or Pacific Rim countries. 

We’ve gathered some of our top selling flowers and provided their most common Australian meanings. Remember, when in doubt it’s still better to send any flowers than miss an important occasion and risk letting someone think you don’t care at all!

Which is your favourite flower to send?

50 Blooms of Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria – Also know as the Peruvian lily, the astroemeria signifies friendship, wealth, prosperity and good luck. They make a lovely “just because” bouquet, one for congratulations, for thank you or to celebrate a friendship or anniversary.

White Elegance

Calla Lily– Symbolizes elegance, magnificence, purity and beauty, and is a perfect flower for more romantic occasions including weddings or engagements. 

12 Christmas Carnations

Carnation– These popular flowers signify pride and beauty, though the colour can affect the meaning. Use red to send love, pride or admiration, pink to symbolize a mother’s love or female love (perfect for Mother’s Day!), or white for innocence and pure love.


Gerber Brights

Gerbera Daisy– Daisies in general convey innocence and purity, while Gerberas especially convey cheerfulness. They are perfect for get well, congratulations, housewarming, good luck, or in any situation in which you want to send good cheer and kindness


Classic Elegance

Chrysanthemums convey loyalty, long life, joy and hope. A red chrysanthemum conveys more romantic love, while white chrysanthemums symbolize truth or loyal love. White chrysanthemums would be especially appropriate for a Chinese household as these represent nobility and elegance and are thought to attract luck to home or altar.

Bright Delight

Iris– This lovely flower provides a meaning of eloquence, wisdom or compliments. Blue is especially good for showing faith and hope. They make beautiful bouquets for congratulations, graduation, or early romantic love. 

18 Mixed Roses

Roses– We know red is for passionate love and is perfect for Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions or between lovers. Send pink roses if you want to convey gentle love and admiration, femininity and sweetness. Lavender roses convey gratitude and appreciation and would work well for a thank you. Choose yellow roses to show friendship, joy or wishes of health, so they work especially well in a get well, anniversary or thank you bouquet. 

Remember, don’t be limited by these meanings! They are more interesting anecdotes than anything else. Everyone loves to receive a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers, and to know that your care and your thoughts are with them. Pick their favourite or a bloom you love and you can’t go wrong.

Fresh Fruit Hampers

If you need a wonderful gift idea to brighten anyone’s day, why not consider a delicious fruit hamper?

Fresh fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals that help us stay healthy and that boost our well being.  Fruits can often play a role in warding off vitamin deficiencies such as Vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C is also widely touted as a fantastic immune booster, especially when you are trying to ward off colds and flus. Certain fruits can help with arthritis, control your heart rate, boost skin and eye sight, as well as increase bone mass. It’s no wonder they make wonderful “get well” gifts!

European Sampler Basket



Bloomex is pleased to provide several healthy and beautiful options for wonderful Fruit Hampers. We source the freshest fruits for you and send them attractively packaged.



Fruit hampers can also include extra treats (such as chocolate) or added beauty (such as fresh flowers). In addition to get well gifts, they also make excellent corporate gifts, housewarming gifts, anniversary gifts or special occasion treats.

Premium Fruit Basket

We’ve selected a few of our most popular choices to feature in this blog, but be sure to visit the site to see all our delicious and nutricious Fruit Hampers.

Fruits and Chocolates


Best Mother’s Day Flower Specials

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Whatever your age, your Mum remains one of the most important people in your life. Making her feel loved and appreciated is always a top goal, and even more so as this  holiday approaches!
Flowers remain one of the most popular tributes for mothers, but with the option of adding chocolates, cards and other gifts, your options get even better.
We’ve gathered some of the best Mother’s Day flower collections, to help you choose your Mum, wife, or mother-in-law a lovely bouquet that will make her feel special, at prices that will keep you smiling too.Even if your Mum is across the province, or across the country, these special collections of beautiful flowers will help you ensure she is remembered this year!


Mother’s Day Orchid Specials

100 Blooms of Orchids I
Impress Mum this year by surprising her with orchids! Any lady is sure to be impressed by this delicate beauty. We have specially sourced some amazing orchids to bring you this exotic (and often expensive) bloom, at affordable prices.Combine orchids with other gifts and send your mother even more this year! View all Mother’s Day Orchids.


Mother’s Day Rose Specials

Pink Roses Special III
Roses remain one of the most popular and beautiful flowers. Every Mom will be delighted to receive a gorgeous bouquet of blooming roses, and we’ve combined roses with other gifts to create some amazing special combos this year. Choose from popular colours and additional gifts and surprise her with your perfect package this year. View all Mother’s Day Roses.



Mother’s Day Sweet Blossom Specials

Sweet Blossoms Collection III
A sweet and colourful bouquet of daisies is sure to make Mom smile! These bouquets of mixed chrysanthemum daisies are available in various combo specials, so you can select added treats such as gourmet Belgian chocolates or cuddly teddy bears to impress her this year. View all Sweet Blossom Collections.



Mother’s Day Designer Collection Specials


If you can’t decide on one type of flower for your mother this year, let our talented florists help you!  Designer Collection bouquets feature the day’s freshest flowers, in beautiful arrangements created by our florists to specially please any  mother. They are outstanding value and you can select extra touches at checkout such as vases, chocolates, teddy bears, balloons or greeting cards to make your gift even better. View all Mother’s Day Designer Collection Bouquets.
Be sure to check out all the fantastic Mother’s Day Flowers and Gifts available this year. Happy Mother’s Day! 

Best Valentine’s Gift Hampers

The big day is coming! Valentine’s Day is your day to show your love and care to friends and family. Bloomex has some delicious Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets that will make your gift giving a lot easier!
These gift baskets are easy to send and sure to delight any recipient across Australia, whether it is a friend, family member, or colleague, or even a new crush. They are also a good choice to send Valentine’s Day greetings to the special guy in your life, who may not enjoy flowers.
We’ve assembled a few of the best sweets and treats so you can give big and save big this holiday.
 Be sure to visit Bloomex for more great Gift Hamper options!
Happy Valentine’s Day! 



You can’t beat our Gourmet Collection Gift Hampers- all of them are HALF PRICE to help you celebrate! Full of various treats and snacks these will work for any recipient.

Sweet Memories Gift Hamper is a sweet deal at only $49.95! Premium Dark Chocolates, Premium Truffles, premium cookies,  and crunchy candies are the perfect sweet treat this year.
Classic Collection II Gift Hamper will win over any heart, at unbeatable value. This basket contains eight delicious items such as premium candy, gourmet cookies, chocolates or decadent fudge.

For the tea lover, it doesn’t have to be chocolate to win her over! This wonderful Tea Lover Hamper is perfect for a mom or a grandmom this year or anyone who appreciates what a treat it is to have a steaming cup of delicious tea. This hamper includes a variety of teas as well as chocolates and biscuits to make for a truly wonderful and unique treat.

Get the romance started and send a Classic Red Wine Hamper this year! This basket includes a bottle of red wine and assorted savory snacks to complete your decadent romantic picnic. This basket is a popular choice!


You will surely capture their love with a Sinfully Delicious Gift Hamper! This basket is a delightful array of fudge, candies, cookies and gourmet chocolate treats to indulge even the most over-the-top sweet tooth! It will definitely impress your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

Have fun and don’t miss our other options for beautiful flowers and Bloomex Valentine’s Specials— new blogs coming soon!


Bloomex Valentines Day Twitter Draw!

Valentine’s Day Twitter Draws! 

Check out our fun Valentine’s Day images on Twitter. Follow us @BloomexAU, Re-Tweet and Reply with your “fill in the blank” answer, and you will be entered to win the beautiful Valentine’s Day gift featured in that day’s image.

 Twitter VDay contest 1

Entries must be received by the posted cut-off times each day.

Gift includes free delivery to any address in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Canberra. 

1 Winner per day will be drawn at random by a Bloomex staff from all entries.